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Back from Italy, articles will resume shortly

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For anyone wondering what might be going on from the lack of activity on this blog for the past few weeks. I just got back from six weeks in Italy, I initially planned on writing articles from Italy but there were technical issues that made that impossible and was also too distracted by all the wonderful art, people and spending as much time as possible painting. However, I’ve returned with new vigor and ideas for continuing to make this blog a valuable resource for perceptual painters. I have a number of interviews lined up for the next few months as well as a video and some guest posts.
I’ll need a few more days to start putting this all together and will start with a brief article about my experience in Italy along with some photos.

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2 Responses to “Back from Italy, articles will resume shortly”
  1. Ann Scott says:

    Wonderful! Can’t wait for the new postings & photos. I’d be jealous except for the fact that I’m headed there myself to do an artist in residence at the American Academy soon. LOVE Italy!!

  2. Yes, I want to hear all about it. And see some of the work!

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