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Wayne Thiebaud at the Morandi Museum

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THIEBAUD VIA MORANDI from Victor Loh on Vimeo.

The Morandi Museum in Bologna is continuing its program of exhibitions that show affinities between Morandi’s painting and the work of leading contemporary artists. In 2005 they had a homage to Josef Albers and in 2009 exhibited the work of photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. Their current exhibition shows the work of Wayne Thiebaud alongside Morandi’s. This exhibition will be up until October 2, 2011.


Wayne Thiebaud speaks here in a video interview made by Victor Loh and Germano Maccioni. In this interview Mr. Thiebaud has many thoughtful and powerful things to say about such things as form and caricatures, tensions and pressures in still-life and making your painting in an open “organic” manner. He also discusses Morandi’s still life in depth. A great video that has much to offer with repeated viewing.

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4 Responses to “Wayne Thiebaud at the Morandi Museum”
  1. Kathy Craig says:

    thank you, whoever posted the thiebaud interview. I will put it on my view again and again list, along with Ken kewley on color. I live out in the boonies and really appreciate this website which connects me to the larger art world on a daily basis.

  2. Michael Kareken says:

    Thanks for posting this, Larry!

  3. KC Collins says:

    I hope I’m still painting at 90

  4. Mark Horst says:

    Thiebaud is so articulate. I love listening to him. I like best of all the idea that a painting could be “complete” without being “finished” and that it’s this that makes Morandi’s work something we come back to over and over.

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