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Colin Page

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Colin Page, writing desk painting

Writing Desk by Colin Page (size, date unavailable)

Colin Page is painter living in Maine whose life affirming and exuberant color sensibility encourages you to give the world another chance. Even in the coldest, darkest moments of winter there seems to be hope for renewed life once you warm up your eyes with many of these paintings. His interiors and still-life appeal to me most with the simplicity of organization and color harmony. I envy his living closer to NYC as he will no doubt enjoy a visit to the Metropolitan Musuem’s major show of Bonnard’s late interiors going on right now.

He a personable writing style for his blog/Journal that makes an interesting but somewhat quirky read. Also of note, he has a book for sale, Painting and Writing, that you can get from his home page. At first I thought it was a book discussing issues about painting and writing (something I could definitely use!) but upon looking closer the book seems to be his writings about his own work and not insights on getting painters to write better.

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2 Responses to “Colin Page”
  1. Colin Page says:

    Hi, Thanks for writing up my work. I do love Bonnard and really hope I can make it to that show.

    I suppose the title of the book could be misleading. That hadn’t occurred to me. I wanted to get a mix of my paintings and the things I talk about on the online journal. And you’re right that writing about painting, or art in general, is a real struggle. But lately I’m finding it to be a rewarding challenge.

    Thanks for mentioning me here on your blog.


  2. larry moore says:

    I’ve known Colin for a couple of years now and have had the great fortune of painting with him. His work has grown a ton since this post, it’s be great to see some of his more current work up. He’s a wonderful person and a helluva painter, really top notch in my book. Glad to see him here.

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