Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sight Specific: A Selection of American Perceptual Paintings, curated by George Nick

(note all images have a higher resolution image when clicked) Regardless of where you live, the one show not to be missed this summer is the Concord Art Association’s Sight Specific: A Selection of American Perceptual Paintings, curated by George Nick. The show runs until August 13 in Concord, Ma. George Nick selected more than [...]

Interview with Duane Keiser

Duane Keiser is perhaps best known as the leading pioneer in the trend of painters selling work online. He is not only a fabulous painter who has sold work in major NYC galleries but continues to be a leading figure “in democratizing the art world, using the Internet to change the making and selling of [...]

Ruth Miller Forge in conversation with Stuart Shils on Tilted-Arc

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Ruth Miller Forge, “Enamel Jug Still Life,” 2001 (reworked 2013), oil on linen © Ruth Miller Forge. Image courtesy the artist and New York Studio School. Photo: Richard Benari If you haven’t yet been made aware of this incredible conversation between Stuart Shils and Ruth Miller Forge you are in for a rare treat. This [...]

Sigal Tsabari Video

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Sigal Tsabari on i24news from Eran Ackerman on Vimeo. A delightful but regretfully brief Israeli television new production about the Israeli painter Sigal Tsabari drawing and painting of horses from life. I had the privilege to interview Sigal Tsabari on Painting Perceptions in 2012. Here is a link to a much longer video, in Hebrew, [...]

Alberto Giacometti, “The more you fail, the more you succeed.”

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Alberto Giacometti – Ein Portrait, Original film recordings of Alberto Giacometti at work in his Paris studio. “The more you fail, the more you succeed. It is only when everything is lost and – instead of giving up – you go on, that you experience the momentary prospect of some slight progress. Suddenly you have [...]


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Scott Noel, Telemachus and the Sirens, 2011, oil on linen, 78 × 90 inches Courtesy of Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA click here for a larger view OBSERVATION AND INVENTION: THE SPACE OF DESIRE at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Curated by Scott Noel January 21 – April 6, 2014 Reception: Wednesday, February [...]

Interview with Vincent Desiderio

Vincent Desiderio, Hitchcock’s Hands, 2012 oil and mixed media on canvas 64 x 66 inches (Courtesy of the artist and the Marlborough Gallery) Vincent Desiderio is widely considered to be among America’s most preeminent living painters. He is currently having his eighth one-man exhibition of new work at the Marlborough Gallery 40 West 57th Street, NYC [...]

Leon Kossoff: London Landscapes
Affirmation in Truce

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Review by Thaddeus Radell (Courtesy of the artist and Mitchell-Innes & Nash) LEON KOSSOFF Cherry Tree, Winter 2006-7 Oil on board 36 1/4 by 42 3/8 in. 92.1 by 107.6 cm. click here for larger image The current exhibition of Leon Kossoff, London Landscapes, at Mitchell- Inness & Nash is an inspiring testimony to the [...]

New Edwin Dickinson Catalogue Raisonné at Edwin Dickinson.org

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A new internet art treasure recently launched with the new Edwin Dickinson Catalogue Raisonné at Edwin Dickinson.org This site is a stunning gift and important new resource for the art community. The many great paintings and drawings (1201 listed in total) are an unparalleled source of inspiration and study for students and painters everywhere. Especially [...]

Seeing Along the Periphery, Getting at the Essence

Photo credit: Jason Houston click here for larger view  A’Dora Phillips interviews Lennart Anderson in Collaboration with Brian Schumacher Lennart Anderson on painting from life with central vision blindness; what vision loss has taught him about painting; art school; creativity; genius; influence; not fitting in; and hunkering down. The perceptual painter Lennart Anderson, who turned [...]

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