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Apollo and Dionysus in the Representational Painting Family Feud

by Elana Hagler This essay explores the subconscious impulses behind aesthetic choice and offers a framework for a deeper understanding of contemporary representational painting. It is written by a painter with a readership of painters in mind, but is appropriate for anyone who wants this specific peek into the creative psyche. “Apollo and Dionysus in […]

The Vision and Art Project’s documentary on Lennart Anderson

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Here is a link to watch the video from their site or on YouTube. The Vision and Art Project, with A’Dora Phillips and Brian Schumacher, this past weekend released the video documentary of Lennart Anderson where he talks at length about his work, what has inspired him over the years, and his recent struggles with […]

Conversation with Lennart Anderson

Introduction by Susan Jane Walp I met Lennart Anderson during the summer of 1968. I was an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College, attending a summer program run by Boston University at Tanglewood, and Lennart was the painting instructor. We painted from the model, and Lennart painted along with us. Later he expressed some guilt […]

Notes on Perceptual Painting

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Perceptual Painting Theory and Practice by Noel Robbins ( ed. note… Painting Perceptions give many thanks to Noel Robbins for sharing these brilliant notes on perceptual painting which were originally written for his students in Texas.) In order to make believable paintings of our visual experiences we have to translate them into a language of […]

How Painting Can Help Save the World, Actually

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by Jordan Wolfson (Painting Perceptions gives enormous thanks to Jordan Wolfson for this thoughtful and important essay and greatly appreciates his generous contribution. You can find more of his work and information on his website.) He is also leading a workshop “Painting as Interbeing” – May 5-8, 2014 in Colorado, you can contact him for […]

Seeing Along the Periphery, Getting at the Essence

Photo credit: Jason Houston click here for larger view  A’Dora Phillips interviews Lennart Anderson in Collaboration with Brian Schumacher Lennart Anderson on painting from life with central vision blindness; what vision loss has taught him about painting; art school; creativity; genius; influence; not fitting in; and hunkering down. The perceptual painter Lennart Anderson, who turned […]

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Video of the Metropolitan Museum of Art curator’s tour of the exhibition “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity.” that ended May 27, 2013   Review by John Goodrich   Museum-goers seeking examples of exuberant style, and its influence on our own tastes, will find the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity” an unadulterated delight. Exquisite […]

Fairfield Porter – “Mystery that is Essential to Reality”

Fairfield Porter, Painting Materials 1949   Fairfield Porter has been on my mind recently which led me to finding some interesting articles, books and links related to Porter’s paintings that I’d like to share. A recurring theme that often reverberates back and forth inside my head is the notion about painting nature the way you […]

Louis Finkelstein, on Painterly

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Louis Finkelstein “Hanover Center I ” 48 x 48 inches 1996   Many contemporary painters working from observation also tend to work in a painterly style. Their brushwork is evidence of responding to quickly changing light, weather as well as changing mood and pictorial necessity; where broad handling, quick decisions and emotional summations are imperative. […]

Ken Kewley – Notes on Color

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Ken Kewley Certosa Painting 12 x 12 inches Oil on panel 2010   Israel Hershberg said that “Ken Kewley is a painter who reveals a serious and profoundly comprehensive engagement with the art and act of picture making. His work is possessed of a most astonishing quality: a primal joy, a continuing infatuation perhaps, with […]

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