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Call for West Coast Stuart Shils workshop – and some info

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For any readers located in Southern California or anywhere near the west coast I’m planning for Stuart Shils to give one of his workshops out here sometime next year – likely in fall of 2011 but possibly sooner if I can get enough people to make a commitment by the spring. I’m planning for the San Diego area but I’m open places further north if it works out to be better for some reason. Please contact me either here in the comments or you can email at if you think you might be interested in attending his workshop. For detailed information please read this pdf about his workshops. Here is an excerpt from the pdf…

During these three days we are focusing on cultivating perceptual discrimination and visual clarity by understanding close, critical looking at nature and, the relation of that to constructing a drawing or painting. We’re asking ourselves exactly what we are seeing, how we are seeing, and then what to make of it on paper, panel or canvas.

The class is intended to push the mid range to advanced painter further into a kind of visual boot camp, each day a concentrated and comprehensive work schedule, but also fun and productive. In the tradition/spirit of “first strike” or alla prima, emphasis will be placed on 1) examining the perceptual processes in front of nature; 2) the editorial response that follows in the head of the painter and how that takes form graphically; 3) and perhaps most importantly, on shaking up and/or questioning what is meant by “finish”. We’re not concerned here with making anything “pretty”, sale – able or “trophy” like. With painting, one never really gets a trophy anyway – it’s always work in progress.

Painting Perceptions has a number of upcoming interviews and a video slide talk by Lennart Anderson that I should be posting in the next week or so. We are lucky to get a great new article and interview with the British artist Patrick George that Neil Plotkin recently made, I should be posting this later today. I know things have slowed done a bit with the frequency of posts but it should return to more frequent posting soon. Please consider making use of the forum to let people know of any interesting shows going on, artist talks, news, links to some great art or just thoughts or questions you may have. Often times these can be more interesting and useful than anything I come up with – but it can’t happen unless more people contribute.

Stephanie Pierce Contract, 2009. Oil on Linen, 33 x 29 inches
Fantastic interview with Stephanie Pierce by Rebecca Harp at the Jerusalem Studio School blog. Rebecca has a number of stellar interviews lined up for the year so sign up on her blog to get notified when she posts them.

If anyone has suggestions on what you would like to see more of, less of or any other feedback about this site – I am open to any ideas. I encourage you to comment.

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19 Responses to “Call for West Coast Stuart Shils workshop – and some info”
  1. Chris Thornock says:

    I would be interested in getting more information. Cost, specific dates, etc.. I live a few states away but I would be willing to travel for the opportunity.


    • Larry says:

      Hi Chris, I’ll email you more later and put you on my list of maybe’s, thanks for your inquiry. I’m just getting started with drumming up interest in people having this workshop. Once we have around 12 people who will commit to it we can decide on an exact date. We need to be sure we have enough people to meet all the expenses by this commitment before we can book the space, airfare reservations, etc. I’d like to aim for early summer or fall of 2011 – when we get the people together, hopefully we can arrive at dates that will be ok with all people. The cost will likely be between 800 – 1000.00 for the three days.

  2. Neil Plotkin says:

    Just my 2 cents – I just did the workshop with Stuart in Philadelphia and found it to be fantastic. there were 10 people in the class and many of them had traveled great distances and i think everyone found it to be worth the expense. The price was i think 950 and worth every penny. I found Stuart to be incredibly generous with his thoughts, suggestions and time. I can’t say enough about how helpful I found him to be. I am constantly considering many of the ideas that were discussed during the workshop and expect a lot of ideas will become a part of my daily routine. i hope that Larry can get the people needed to sign up as it will be a great experience.

  3. valerie Cordaro says:

    I would like to be kept notified on a possible workshop with S. Shills in the San Deigo area. I live in Albuq. NM, but have a son and grandkids in Vista and am there frequently.
    Thank you,

    PS I really really enjoy your web site, PP…, thank you

    • Larry says:

      Thanks Valerie, I’ll be in touch with you later with more specific information about the plans as they develop… Glad to hear you’re interested – should be a great workshop.

  4. I’m interested in a S Shils workshop in the San Diego area. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

  5. Eileen David says:

    I am very interested. Please send me epecifics when you have them.

  6. Larry, Please let me know about the Stuart Shils workshop when there is info. I live in the S.F. Bay Area and it would be great to have a Shils workshop close to home. I continue to be impressed and informed by this wonderful website.

    Thanks, Mamie

  7. Janet Bland says:

    Please send me information on your proposed Stuart Shils workshop.

    Thanks, Janet

  8. Janak Pathak says:

    I am interested in taking STuart Shil’s workshop. I live in the SFO bay area so I prefer No. Californina location..ANy place I can drive to…

    I can also help in finding the location and sign up some students..

    Thank you.


  9. Phoebe Dylan says:

    I would appreciate any information about a workshop with Stuart Shils. I would be willing to travel.

  10. diana gardiner says:

    Please let me know of any locations that Stuart Shils is teaching. I perfer the west coast. I am from Utah and would be very interested.

  11. Gillian Bull says:

    I am interested in the Shils workshop but may find it too expensive with travel and living expenses as well. I live in WA state. Please put me on you list and keep me posted.
    thanks you, Gillian

    • Larry says:

      Hi Gillian,
      I understand that many people may find Stuart Shils workshop on the expensive side – compared to what is often seen for landscape painting workshops. Painters often have tight budgets and I’m painfully aware of how tough it is being a painter in these economically stressful times, you aren’t alone in being concerned about the cost. However, it is a simple truth that higher quality items often cost more. Stuart Shils workshop is unlike many others in that his teaching speaks to advanced or mid-level painters about larger issues. From what I’ve experienced with him last summer, he speaks much less about technique and more about the poetics. It’s not a workshop on “how to paint the landscape” but more about the underlying abstract design issues, the nature of a painter’s perception, the poetics of visual thinking, and how painting from observation stands on the shoulders of giants like Corot, Cezanne and Morandi.

      Stuart’s workshop in San Diego has the same pricing as his other workshops around the country. (actually about a $100. cheaper than the one in Sedona)

  12. A.Cooke says:

    I am interested in more information on this S.Shils workshop…I would be travelling from Oregon and it would be better to have 3-4, even 5 days instead of just 3 so that some real studying and work can be done…please add me to the list of people who are requesting further details when you get them, thanks

    • Larry says:

      Hi Amanda (A. Cooke) (I also just send you an email) The workshop is 3 full days plus an evening talk on the first night that is open to the public. I agree that 4 to 5 full days would be better but regretfully that isn’t possible at this time. Stuart is an amazing artist and an equally amazing teacher – those 3 days will last a lifetime with the insight and inspiration he offers.

  13. Kate Mcgee says:

    I would like to participate. From Oregon.

    • Larry says:

      sorry Kate, the workshop is over but I’ll put you on my mailing list if we have another one here. You can also check with Stuart about other workshops in the meantime – just email him from his website. The closest one to you is likely to be in Sedona next year sometime but the details aren’t worked out yet as far as I know…

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