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Andrew Lenaghan’s fun with parking

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andrew lenaghan self portrait in car mirror - coney island
Andrew Lenaghan Coney Self Portrait 12 1/16 x 24 inches Oil on Panel 2006

This car mirror self-portrait knocks me out! What an amazing idea, painting a expanded perspective view of the inside of car where the curvilinear elements of the car interior echo the fisheye-like distortion of the expanded viewpoint which also compliments the Coney Island fun-house feeling of the view out the window. I suspect the car must belong to the painter as who else would risk paint accidents and have such a cool shark on the dash. Andrew must be a very fun person to be around, check out his self portrait in a Planet of the Apes mask on his Chelsea George Adams gallery website You can also see a number of his fantastic cityscapes, back yard views, studio interiors and more at this artnet link. His work is among the most impressive cityscape painters working from observation painting today.

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  1. Janie says:

    so creative

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