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More thoughts on new directions for Painting Perceptions

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Big Daddy, Corot, Hard at Work It’s been over a year since I started this blog and overall I’m very pleased by being able to bring more attention to contemporary representational and perceptual painting. Since the recent redesign of this site I’ve been thinking of new ways to improve the site as well as improving […]

Some New Thought on Posts and Comments

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I recently posted about an artist, Larry Cohen, a California landscape and cityscape painter painting large plein air vistas of LA and San Francisco in a painterly realist style. He has shown in some major galleries on the west and east coast. He talked to me on the phone and gave helpful background information about […]

some new ideas for Painting Perceptions

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I have been thinking of ways to improve and expand this blog. From the beginning I had hoped that eventually it could be a community where lots of people could contribute not just my posts. The comment section is good but not ideal as it lacks the functionality of a good forum site as well […]

John Gordon – On Direct Perception – Saving the Visual Arts Essay

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I recently ran across an essay on the Arts and Opinion website by John Gordon on the state of the arts as relates to painting from perception. John Gordon, a Wisconsin painter who runs a private school, Gordon School of Art. John Gordon Self Portrait in White T-Shirt He makes many compelling argument for returning […]

All things Edwin Dickinson

1914 Self Portrait in a Fur Hat For painters who work from observation there are few greater painters to study or get inspiration from than Edwin Dickinson. (Born NY: 1891 Died: 1978) When I was in art school in the mid 80’s my painting teacher, George Nick – a former student of Edwin Dickinson, frequently […]

How Plein Air painting differs from Perceptual Painting

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Rackstrawn Downes vs. Kevin MacPherson Two extremes in painting nature from life. I’ve been thinking a great deal lately on the difference is between the popular Plein Air painting you see in magazines like Southwest Art or American Artist and perceptual painting done outdoors that tends to be more modernist in orientation and hanging in […]

Random Thoughts on Painting Blogs

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I just spent way too much time checking out some painter’s blogs, getting some ideas about how I might work on this blog. Of course these blogs embraced a wide range of talent, some terrific, some dreadful but what really struck me was the prevailing commercial aspect of so many blogs. No surprise that painters […]

Thoughts on starting this new blog

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Today begins my new blog about painting perceptions. Perceptions about painting and painting about perceptions and painting perceptually. Perceptual painting is painting with your vision as well as all the other senses. Not just the obvious easel set up in front of a landscape or still-life but also paintings done from studies, even photos and […]