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Upcoming on Painting Perceptions

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To the regular readers of Painting Perceptions… Apologies for the long absence of new posts on this blog. I’m back from Civita Castellana, Italy where I was painting at the JSS Italy Summer Program for the past month. I am currently working on an article about my experience there as well as talking to some […]

What’s in the works with Painting Perceptions

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I’m planning on updating this blog in the next couple of weeks with new features, including a section on materials and technique as well as a section that discusses how perceptual painting relates to the art world at large as well as looking at art politics and theory. These articles will hopefully inspire vigorous debate […]

Stuart Shils workshop in San Diego – upcoming.

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Stuart Shils, farm house and telephone poles 2007 Oil on Panel 12 x 13.5 inches   We are approaching the final stretch of putting together the Masterclass Intensive 3 Day workshop with Stuart Shils here in San Diego starting April 28th through May 1st of this year. There are still positions open for the workshop. […]

Announcing the Stuart Shils workshop in San Diego

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  (Update to this page – added 3/1/2011 – please see this page which has the most current information about the Stuart Shils workshop) I wanted to make a few announcements and generally let people know what’s in the works. As you can tell from the image above, the plans for having a San Diego […]

Call for West Coast Stuart Shils workshop – and some info

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For any readers located in Southern California or anywhere near the west coast I’m planning for Stuart Shils to give one of his workshops out here sometime next year – likely in fall of 2011 but possibly sooner if I can get enough people to make a commitment by the spring. I’m planning for the […]

The Slade School of Art – Part One

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William Coldstream, Window in Hampstead 1981   Painting Perceptions is again fortunate to have a guest article from Neil Plotkin who has been living in London for the summer. This first post is an brief overview where he looks at a few significant painters coming out of the The Slade School of Art in the […]

Back from Italy, articles will resume shortly

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For anyone wondering what might be going on from the lack of activity on this blog for the past few weeks. I just got back from six weeks in Italy, I initially planned on writing articles from Italy but there were technical issues that made that impossible and was also too distracted by all the […]

Join the Forum and win a chance to get the Ballycastle DVD

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Ballycastle A DVD telling the story of Stuart Shils painting in Ballycastle Ireland. As I have mentioned before I’ve been thinking of ways to help the Painting Perception’s forum grow into a useful community for painters where people can start and discuss topics on their own, share knowledge, work, events, links, videos and ask questions. […]

The Jerusalem Studio School Summer Program in Italy

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I recently paid my deposit to the JSS summer program in Italy this summer which runs from July 18 – August 29, 2010. The location, near Sienna, looks absolutely fantastic, in a large complex that is a 14th century monastery converted into a conference center run by the University of Siena. I choose to attend […]

Redesign to launch today

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Today I plan to make live the new redesign for this site so I letting anyone visiting know that things may look a bit screwy until we get everything up and running – hopefully everything will go smoothly and we will have the new site showing as intended by the end of the day. I […]

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