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Conversation with Lennart Anderson

Introduction by Susan Jane Walp I met Lennart Anderson during the summer of 1968. I was an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College, attending a summer program run by Boston University at Tanglewood, and Lennart was the painting instructor. We painted from the model, and Lennart painted along with us. Later he expressed some guilt […]

New Edwin Dickinson Catalogue Raisonné at Edwin

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A new internet art treasure recently launched with the new Edwin Dickinson Catalogue Raisonné at Edwin This site is a stunning gift and important new resource for the art community. The many great paintings and drawings (1201 listed in total) are an unparalleled source of inspiration and study for students and painters everywhere. Especially […]

Seeing Along the Periphery, Getting at the Essence

Photo credit: Jason Houston click here for larger view  A’Dora Phillips interviews Lennart Anderson in Collaboration with Brian Schumacher Lennart Anderson on painting from life with central vision blindness; what vision loss has taught him about painting; art school; creativity; genius; influence; not fitting in; and hunkering down. The perceptual painter Lennart Anderson, who turned […]

Interview with John Dubrow

John Dubrow in his studio Interview with John Dubrow by Xico Greenwald   John Dubrow has been making ambitious figurative paintings of New York City scenes since he moved to Brooklyn in the mid-1980s. His light-filled canvases are often years in the making—ragged, impastoed surfaces the result of the high standard Dubrow holds himself to. With a […]

The Civita Experience

Corot’s view of Civita from Terrano   I’m finally able to post about my experience this past summer at the Jerusalem Studio School Summer Art Program in Civita Castellana, Italy. As many readers may know I’ve been helping the JSS with their blog and in promoting their summer program. I also asked a few other […]

Planning for the JSS Master Workshop in Civita Castellana this summer

Corot, Rocks at Civita Castellana, 1827,   A few days ago I made my decision to attend the Jerusalem Studio School Master Class Workshop in Civita Castellana, Italy this summer. I had previously been planning a trip to Jerusalem to attend the JSS landscape painting marathon where Antonio Lopez Garcia had been invited to teach […]

Fairfield Porter – “Mystery that is Essential to Reality”

Fairfield Porter, Painting Materials 1949   Fairfield Porter has been on my mind recently which led me to finding some interesting articles, books and links related to Porter’s paintings that I’d like to share. A recurring theme that often reverberates back and forth inside my head is the notion about painting nature the way you […]

Interview with Stuart Shils

Interview with Stuart Shils

Stuart Shils 2010   “If the painter is open to the world, everything becomes grist for the mill, even things one doesn’t expect or even doesn’t consciously like or want. It’s not a matter of what is “important” in the terms of the “real” world – money, new car, Armani suit. Maybe painters, poets and […]

JSS blog article on “Seymour Remenick, An Appreciation” by Stuart Shils

Seymour Remenick   Excellent post by Rebecca Harp over at the Jerusalem Studio School Blog, “Seymour Remenick, An Appreciation” by Stuart Shils” where she posts an essay written by Stuart Shils about his former teacher, Seymour Remenick, 1923-1999. There was a recent show at the Lancaster Museum of Art. The show is no longer up […]

Lennart Anderson Slide Talk Video

Lennart Anderson, “Self Portrait with Hammer and Nails”, 1986   “All things are understood by means of comparison. For in comparison, there lies the power that states that which is more, that which is less and that which is equivalent” Lennart Anderson from his Painting from Nature essay   “Lennart Anderson is not only a […]

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