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How Painting Can Help Save the World, Actually

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by Jordan Wolfson (Painting Perceptions gives enormous thanks to Jordan Wolfson for this thoughtful and important essay and greatly appreciates his generous contribution. You can find more of his work and information on his website.) He is also leading a workshop “Painting as Interbeing” – May 5-8, 2014 in Colorado, you can contact him for […]

TRAC2014: An Observational Painter goes Undercover…Or Not

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By Elana Hagler photo credit: Brittany McGinley I just came back from four days spent at the Representational Art Conference in Ventura, California. When I told several painter friends that I was planning on attending this event, they expressed dismay that I would be wading into a sea of classical painters. The general tone of our conversations […]

Why Beauty Matters

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I just discovered this wonderful video by the BBC and the Philosopher Roger Scrution (in 6 parts) posted on Valentino’s new blog on art and Croatian painting in particular. (Valentino frequently comments here) A provocative and thought provoking discussion of post-modernism and Beauty. Might inspire a lively conversation here. Part One of Six – you […]

thoughts on the art-politics of framing?

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For anyone wondering why so quiet here lately it is because my painting and other life stuff has stolen me away from my computer over the past week. However, I do have some great plans in the work – an article about Sangram Majumdar that hopefully will include him answering a few questions about his […]

Has Conceptual Art Jumped the Shark Tank?

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Great Op-Ed article in today’s New York Times called: Has Conceptual Art Jumped the Shark Tank? by Denis Dutton. I don’t want to jump out of my own tank too soon but reading this article makes me wonder if there might still be hope the art world could again embrace beauty as a valid pursuit?

Is purity possible?

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I am in the process of getting a couple of interviews and posts that may take me a few more days to get posted. In the mean time I wanted to throw out some ideas as a topic of conversation. I am convinced that the many excellent painters commenting recently will come up with far […]

Beware of online scams targeting artists

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I just got a scam from someone saying they wanted to buy two paintings from my website. Everything about it seemed very weird, funny wording and funky email address. However, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t dissing a potential client so I went along with it thinking I’m not sending anything to this person […]

A painter’s concern

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There was a review in the New York Times on 8/15/09 by Souren Melikian, the International Herald Tribune art critic and editor, of the London’s National Gallery show “Corot to Monet”. “Sunset in the Auvergne” by Théodore Rousseau The article starts reasonably enough and traces the evolution of landscape painting from the late 18th and […]

Playing to the masses

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Yesterday I was painting out on a public pier/park that juts out into the San Diego harbor. Generally I only see a few local regulars, a few homeless people and occasional tourists – most times I have the place to myself with a commanding view of the harbor I can paint without distractions. Yesterday a […]

How Plein Air painting differs from Perceptual Painting

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Rackstrawn Downes vs. Kevin MacPherson Two extremes in painting nature from life. I’ve been thinking a great deal lately on the difference is between the popular Plein Air painting you see in magazines like Southwest Art or American Artist and perceptual painting done outdoors that tends to be more modernist in orientation and hanging in […]