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Louis Finkelstein, on Painterly

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Louis Finkelstein “Hanover Center I ” 48 x 48 inches 1996   Many contemporary painters working from observation also tend to work in a painterly style. Their brushwork is evidence of responding to quickly changing light, weather as well as changing mood and pictorial necessity; where broad handling, quick decisions and emotional summations are imperative. […]

Gretna Campbell

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Gretna Campbell “Pink Shore”53 x 56 inches 1983   Gretna Campbell (1922–1987) was a significant painter who mainly painted landscapes, often large and made at least in part from observation. She taught at Yale and was an important influence on many painters in pursuing painting from nature. I became aware of her work through her […]

Interview with Israel Hershberg

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Interview with Israel Hershberg

Israel Hershberg, photo by Gil baruch Shani   Israel Hershberg was born in 1948 in a Displaced Persons camp in Linz, Austria. In 1949 he emigrated to Israel with his family and in 1958 moved with them to the United States, where he attended the Brooklyn Museum School in New York. He received his Bachelor […]