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Oil and Water at Fred Bancroft and Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

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  Oil and Water at Fred Bancroft and Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects By Neil Plotkin with Jennifer Gilchrist   The received wisdom in Western Art is that painting has continuously and inevitably evolved away from representation towards a higher and more pure abstract style. In line with this belief is the assumption that artists […]

David Graeme Baker

David Graeme BakerSolstice, 2008, oil on linen, 28 x 40 inches   David Graeme Baker is a Maine-based painter primarily painting figures and interiors but also still life and landscape. Many of his works suggest story telling on some level and often revolve around family life, presumably his wife and two sons. These delightful paintings […]

Lennart Anderson at JSS Certosa Summer Program in Italy

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Lennart Anderson – ( title and date unknown) Portrait   This is old news for some readers here but the renowned painter, Lennart Anderson will be a special Guest Artist at the JSS at the Certosa Summer Program in Italy this year. From the JSS Italy program blog, “The former teacher of several generations of […]

Jerome Witkin

Jerome Witkin

Jerome Witkin January 2006 (photo from a flickr Syracuse University PhotoStream)   Painting Perceptions is incredibly fortunate to have talked at length with Jerome Witkin recently, thanks to Bill Murphy, who suggested the idea of an interview and helped me get in touch with Mr. Witkin. I’d again like to express my gratitude to Professor […]

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy ALONG THE ARTHUR KILL 54 x 62 inches 2010 Watercolor on Paper   Bill Murphy is a Staten Island based realist artist working primarily in printmaking, drawing and painting. His website holds a dizzying array of works done since 1995 but I’m particularly drawn to his Staten Island waterfront images of urban decay, […]