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Redesign to launch today

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Today I plan to make live the new redesign for this site so I letting anyone visiting know that things may look a bit screwy until we get everything up and running – hopefully everything will go smoothly and we will have the new site showing as intended by the end of the day. I […]

Interview with Stuart Shils at the JSS blog

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Rebecca Harp has a long interview with Stuart Shils on behalf of the Jerusalem Studio School as a prelude to a Master Class workshop in monotype that Stuart Shils is giving there. The interview questions are very thoughtful and get Stuart Shils to open up with many inspired thoughts on painting and perception. This was […]

Vincent Van Gogh complete letters, artwork online

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Vincent Van Gogh complete letters, artwork online

I recently discovered this incredible online resource, Vincent van Gogh, The Letters, put together by scholars from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the complete translated 902 letters of Van Gogh along with over 4,300 illustrations – every work to which Van Gogh refers is reproduced. There are excellent search features that allow you to […]

Langdon Quin at the University of New Hampshire’s Museum of Art

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Click image for larger view Langdon Quin La Bottega: A Family Portrait III, 1996, 52 x 104 inches I was lucky to get the gorgeous catalog for Langdon Quin’s current show at the The University of New Hampshire’s Museum of Art: Acts & Memory: Paintings by Langdon Quin, 1990 – 2010. This show features 35 […]

Why Beauty Matters

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I just discovered this wonderful video by the BBC and the Philosopher Roger Scrution (in 6 parts) posted on Valentino’s new blog on art and Croatian painting in particular. (Valentino frequently comments here) A provocative and thought provoking discussion of post-modernism and Beauty. Might inspire a lively conversation here. Part One of Six – you […]

William Barnes

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William Barnes (from the Zeuxis show, “The Common Object”) William Barnes is a follower of this blog who has emailed me on a few occasions with helpful suggestions, such as showing me his wife’s (Linda Carey) pastel paintings who I wrote about. He has work in the current Zeuxis show “The Common Object” I just […]

“The Common Object” still-life show with the Zeuxis group

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Richard Baker 31 artists either members or guests of the Zeuxis association of still-life painters, agreed to paint a still-life that somehow included an ordinary dish towel (“The Common Object”) that was sent to each artist. It is fascinating to see the wide range of interpretation from being the central focus to barely noticeable. Some […]

Philip Koch at the Clymer Museum of Art in Washington

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Philip Koch is a fantastic painter who posts comments here regularly and runs a terrific blog. I had another post about his work several months ago that you can read here. I thought I’d mention his new show at the Clymer Museum of Art Ellensburg, WA January 8 – March 27, 2010 in case anyone […]