Sunday, November 29, 2015

Seymour Remenick and Stuart Shils show at Steven Harvey Fine Art

From the steven harvey fine art project promotional email that was forwarded to me from Christine LaFuente who studied with Seymour Remenick in Philadelphia. This is the first New York exhibition of former Hans Hofmann student Seymour Remenick (1923-1999) since the 1970s. It examines his work alongside that of well known contemporary painter Stuart Shils. […]

Diana Horowitz

Diana Horowitz South View from 7 World Trade 20 x26 inches oil on linen, 2009 Maureen Mullarkey in her excellent essay on Diana Horowitz’ painting said “DIANA HOROWITZ’ ART is one of restraint and modulation. The appeal of it lies in her retreat from self-display in service of her motifs. Behind the work is a […]

some new ideas for Painting Perceptions

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I have been thinking of ways to improve and expand this blog. From the beginning I had hoped that eventually it could be a community where lots of people could contribute not just my posts. The comment section is good but not ideal as it lacks the functionality of a good forum site as well […]

There’s Danger in the Plein Air

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There was recent talk about danger while painting on location in the Cindy Tower post. So when I just ran across this recent Wall St Journal’s Life and Style article: “Paint, Easel, Bug Spray, Gun . . . Artists find that working outdoors can be a struggle against nature” by Daniel Granton I thought people […]

Christine Lafuente

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Christine Lafuente Roses in a Compote 2007 oil on board 10 x 10 inches Christine Lafuente doesn’t let details interfere with her larger view, her painting seem to celebrate the act of vision itself. She stated to me in an email, “I do paint from life and have discovered the act of seeing to be […]

Cindy Tower

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Cindy Tower Allis Chalmers 2008 Oil and enamel on canvas 48×48 inches This week I’m posting yet another extreme in perceptual painting – this time on the opposite end of the spectrum from my previous post on David Ligare Classism which is Cindy Tower’s blend of performance art, post-modernism and neo-expressionist ashcan school plein air […]

David Ligare’s Contemporary Classicism

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David Ligare Still Life with Grape Juice and Sandwiches (Xenia), 1994 | oil on canvas, 20 x 24 inches Cezanne famously said something to the affect of his “wanting to bring Poussin back to life by way of nature.” Richard Shiff discusses this in depth in his excellent book,