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John Evans On the Beach

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Beach Oil on Canvas 46 x 48 inches I’ve been thinking about John Evans painting ever since I saw his show at the Sue Greenwood Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA this past May. His quasi-abstract landscapes – especially the beach scenes, show great sensitivity in translating the observed world’s light and space into […]

John Gordon – On Direct Perception – Saving the Visual Arts Essay

August 23, 2009 by  
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I recently ran across an essay on the Arts and Opinion website by John Gordon on the state of the arts as relates to painting from perception. John Gordon, a Wisconsin painter who runs a private school, Gordon School of Art. John Gordon Self Portrait in White T-Shirt He makes many compelling argument for returning […]

Beware of online scams targeting artists

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I just got a scam from someone saying they wanted to buy two paintings from my website. Everything about it seemed very weird, funny wording and funky email address. However, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t dissing a potential client so I went along with it thinking I’m not sending anything to this person […]

A painter’s concern

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There was a review in the New York Times on 8/15/09 by Souren Melikian, the International Herald Tribune art critic and editor, of the London’s National Gallery show “Corot to Monet”. “Sunset in the Auvergne” by Théodore Rousseau The article starts reasonably enough and traces the evolution of landscape painting from the late 18th and […]

Sketchbooks of Fairfield Porter Online

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Awhile ago I discovered another online art treasure, the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, Collections Online. Where digitized material from many important American artists(such as Rapheal Soyer, Jackson Pollack, Milton Avery, Arthur Dove, John Peto and John Singer Sargent names to show the range of artists available) including their writings, letters, photos, drawings and sketchbooks […]

Select Edward Hopper Online Links

Collage of images from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Edward Hopper Scrapbook. Hopper is perhaps mainly known for his studio based paintings but of course he also made many of his paintings on-site, especially his watercolors. His influence on contemporary realism can’t be underestimated and I continually find inspiration and insight whenever I return to […]