Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interview with Marc Dalessio

(Marc Dalessio) Self Portrait 2003 I recently discovered the website and blog of Marc Dalessio, an amazing landscape painter in a naturalistic style. He currently teaches at the Florence Academy of Art as the landscape painting instructor and also is a noted portrait painter. Marc works from his studio in Florence, Italy but also ventures […]

All things Edwin Dickinson

1914 Self Portrait in a Fur Hat For painters who work from observation there are few greater painters to study or get inspiration from than Edwin Dickinson. (Born NY: 1891 Died: 1978) When I was in art school in the mid 80’s my painting teacher, George Nick – a former student of Edwin Dickinson, frequently […]

Driving Notan with Alfred Leslie’s 100 Views Along the Road

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One of the most unusual way I ever heard of anyone working from life might actually risk death. Alfred Leslie’s practice of drawing while driving is not for the faint of heart. In his book from 1988, 100 Views Along the Road by Alfred Leslie (1988) Timken Publishers For those who may not be familar […]

Lennart Anderson on Painting from Nature

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Still Life with Salami on Red, Plastic Dish w/ Potato and Cherry Tomato by Lennart Anderson (2001, 10 1/2 x 14 inches) Very interesting read from one of the giants in perceptual painting, Lennart Anderson. Here is a snip from the article… For me, painting from nature is akin to playing music. The notes are […]

Eve Mansdorf

Eve Mansdorf Backyard Oil on linen, 46 X 64″, Another leading observational painter is Eve Mansdorf who shows at the Gallery Henoch in Chelsea. (no direct link available from this website – look under the artists) Eve studied in Grad school at the Brooklyn College in 1990 with Lennart Anderson and whose amazing gifts of […]

Philip Koch

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Philip Koch Ascension Oil on panel, 40 X 32″, 2008 Philip Koch, a noted landscape painter and teacher, addresses the issue of landscape painting and the environment when in his artist statement he says; “In our time with its ecological degradation, the symbolic value of this Eden seems at once more remote and yet more […]