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How Plein Air painting differs from Perceptual Painting

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Rackstrawn Downes vs. Kevin MacPherson Two extremes in painting nature from life. I’ve been thinking a great deal lately on the difference is between the popular Plein Air painting you see in magazines like Southwest Art or American Artist and perceptual painting done outdoors that tends to be more modernist in orientation and hanging in […]

Ben Aronson

Ben Aronson Closed Ramp, West Side Highway, 1997, oil on panel, 52 x 46 inches Ben Aronson distills and composes the urban clutter into pure abstracted forms that retain a sense of place. He lends monumentality to the drama of stark contrast of shadow and light in commonly observed street scenes like in this magnificent […]

David Kapp

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David Kapp Go, 2008, oil on linen, 50″ x 48″ Another more visceral cityscape painter in David Kapp whose gestural paint seems to combine sculpting with music, tracing intervals and rhythms of urban movements. Your eye is lead to dance along with his snappy tunes. You could make a case on why this isn’t perceptual […]

John Dubrow gets it

March 16, 2009 by  
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John Dubrow World Trade Center: View of Manhattan, 1997, oil on canvas, 90″ x 96″ I remember seeing a show of John Dubrow’s work in the early 90’s that turned my brain inside out in how a painting can be about the paint as much as its subject. His large masses of color applied impasto […]

David Kassan at Gallery Henoch

March 12, 2009 by  
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David Kassan’s one-man show at the Gallery Henoch starts today, if you are in the New York area, these paintings are a must see. He paints the figure with a controlled sensitivity and a subtle painterly texture and layered paint surface. All his paintings are beyond amazing but my preference is the older, less overtly […]

Mike Hernandez gouache landscapes

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Mike Hernandez Title, size and date unknown – gouache In an ideal world the public would all be clambering to buy paintings. However, most painters fall back on the day job to pay for the potatoes. If you are lucky (and very talented), like Mike Hernandez, you get to be an art director and concept […]

Colin Page

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Writing Desk by Colin Page (size, date unavailable) Colin Page is painter living in Maine whose life affirming and exuberant color sensibility encourages you to give the world another chance. Even in the coldest, darkest moments of winter there seems to be hope for renewed life once you warm up your eyes with many of […]